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It’s all one family. Total revenue for the third quarter was 5.42 billion, up 20% year over year and up 19% in constant currency. It really is about facilitating this all digital work from anywhere world to enable team selling, to enable people in a contact center to swarm on a case and digitally whether or not you’re in the same building, to enable marketers to clinic campaign, to enable merchandisers to plan what goes on the front page of commerce out for a commerce website. Salesforce CRM Q3 2021 Earnings Call Transcript, Congressional Testimony & Hearing Transcripts. Sir, you may begin. Good afternoon. What this is all about is the value of the social enterprise and creating this incredible idea that you have this amazing hub of productivity, of collaboration, and integration in applications that now leverage all this amazing data. And I wish that we could work more closely with more government, more deeply to do exactly the same thing. And I’ll begin with top line commentary. Amy Weaver: (32:30) Should any of these materialize or should our assumptions prove to be incorrect, actual company results could differ materially from these forward-looking statements. Read or listen to the conference call. And I’m just so grateful for everything that you have done for the company. We expect our revenue to continue expanding, growing from 21.1 this year to now over 25.5 billion. Mark: (43:05) Hello everyone, and thanks for joining us for our fiscal ’21 third quarter results conference call. An example of this is what we’ve already seen this past week with the incredible scale, the reliability, the strength of our Customer 360 platform this weekend. Coming off the strong Q3 result, we are pleased to be raising our full year fiscal ’21 revenue guidance to 21.1 billion, to 21.11 billion, representing approximately 23% year over year growth. I’m amazingly humbled, grateful and proud of having the opportunity to be 40 years in technology. Our next question comes from Derrick Wood with Cowen and Company. Bret Taylor: (51:03) David Hynes: (34:09) As Marc said, it’s been something we’ve been working at and thinking about for a long time, well before I even joined this company about how do you connect all of these experiences? We’re thankful to all of our customers and our partners for the success. And that’s a perfect match for both of us that’s going to extend our companies, make us both stronger. So even though in the middle of the quarter, we went into global lockdown in March and April, we think we’re going to come out pretty strong, and we were very fortunate starting in the second quarter with number one, onboarding a fantastic new CRO, Gavin Patterson, former chief executive officer of BT, who was working with us, who I’ve known for so many years, and coming in as our CRO and our president, taking his position, which he was doing so much with us already, but then really leading our global distribution operation, and then we rebuilt our entire distribution management team as part of that, and we delivered the second quarter, which was our record quarter. And we’re all modeling, I’m sure right now, what the fiscal year ’23 number is. Thanks so much. This is an opportunity that we saw and we’ve talked a lot about, this shift in the economy, the relevance …. And Mark, I think our guidance is now higher than our original guidance for the year. Of course you would expect nothing less of Salesforce. Read the full transcript here. Motley Fool Transcribing The Motley Fool Published. Marketing, as Marc mentioned, this last weekend is the perfect indication of this. Well, I think that we can say now with delivering this guidance at 21-1, and looking at next year as well, Gavin, I just want to thank you, because I don’t think there is a more successful sales executive in enterprise software, certainly at the size and scale that we’re operating in, than you are, and your leverage, your experience as a chief executive officer of a very large hundred thousand person company, BT, you’ve done a phenomenal job, so thank you. They’re very, very impressive, and when we’ve gone up against tough competitors, we have done just fine, and I think that we bring a lot of value to Slack right now, at their size. Bret Taylor: (41:26) How are you seeing the priorities changed through this pandemic? Prepared Remarks: Operator. It’s reminded me of another great company, Salesforce. Please be advised that today’s conference is being recorded. Published Nov 18, 2015. Of course, you’re already doing wall to wall in the enterprise, which is very exciting for Salesforce. Obviously it’s enormous, but our ability to call at every level, our ability to call into the CEO level easily level, our ability to have much higher levels of productivity with our sales organization. Mark: (52:22) Recent Earnings Calls. You might remember that I also said pipelines appear to be really strong. Salesforce CRM Q3 2021 Earnings Call Transcript • 2 weeks ago Zoom ZM Q3 2021 Earnings Call Transcript • 2 weeks ago Nio Inc. NIO Q3 2020 Earnings Call Event Transcript • 4 weeks ago It’s basically, we’re following all these protocols and we’re trying to stay as safe as we can. For Q4, gap diluted EPS is expected to be 5 cents to 6 cents, while non-gap diluted EPS will be 73 cents to 74 cents. So I know this is going to be a seamless transition, but my heart is really filled with gratitude. But we just think this is consistent with all of that and look forward to executing on that. Consumer goods have gone from retailers to direct to consumer. I’m curious, look, Slack;s going to give you access to huge amounts of rich, conversational customer data. Commerce cloud, marketing cloud, well, you know that those were started as acquisitions and now we’ve turned it into a multi-billion dollar business. Not very many companies do five quarters in advance, so we feel good about the demand environment. And now for some personal comments. Incredible. Good day, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for standing by. Bret Taylor: (45:24) Speaker 1: (34:01) You’ve probably touched that online. But here we are in this present moment and wow, there’s so many things happening and so many exciting things to talk to you about on this call today. To withdraw your question, press the pound or hash key. And now with this combination of Slack and Salesforce exactly as I mentioned, my whole world is on this platform, and we call it Customer 360, but the idea that … See, number one, there’s never been a more important time for sales and B2B sales. Evan Goldstein : (00:35) I couldn’t be happier for you. And we see in Slack a once in a generation company and platform. Now we’ve already done almost 5,000 of those Dreamforces, which has been our prototype. But when you look at what happens when you put Slack and Salesforce together, the fundamental experience for the customer, it just changes. CRM helps companies understand their customers’ needs and solve problems by better managing customer information and interactions – all on a single platform that’s always accessible from any desktop or device. Why not before, and why not next year? Thank you guys for taking the question. Questions and Answers. And then at that point, I am absolutely delighted to announce our new chief financial officer, who has been on a few of our calls here. Mark: (35:48) You’re not going to want to miss that presentation. ET Contents: Prepared Remarks Questions and Answers Call Participants Prepared Remarks: Operator Welcome to Salesforce Fiscal 2021 First Quarter Results Conference Call. It’s beyond just sales or service or marketing. Not just among Salesforce customers. Now when we look at the fourth quarter, rich pipelines, we have tremendous outlooks, and we feel very good about our ability to succeed. You can see because as a public company, its profile is different than Salesforce. It just us. Dec 2, 2020 7:00AM EST ... All earnings call transcripts. I really deeply believe we are in a great position of strength and we are getting stronger as a company with so many indicators to evidence that. More than 150,000 companies use Salesforce CRM to grow their businesses by strengthening customer relationships. Mark: (56:25) Wow. Look, you’ve been running this business so well now for several quarters, but just give us one more level of insight. Sure. 1 of 2. First of all, we don’t really … Billings is not a metric that we focus a lot on. In the enterprise, among Salesforce customers, not just by lighting up our tens of thousands of salespeople, that’s not what this is all about. And you probably saw, if you watched the Tableau conference-ish, this year, the vision they’ve had for Tableau integrated with Slack, you look at what Salesforce has done, it’s absolutely incredible. We’ve been there, we’ve lived that life, and we’re going to come in and we’re going to help them not just be successful during it, we’re going to help them to just redefine the entire industry, and that dream and that vision that Brett and Stewart have is really unlike anything I have ever seen at any company or any product anywhere, and when you see it all laid out, you will just be blown away. (Operator Instructions) As a reminder, this conference call is being recorded for replay purposes. Mark: (06:43) Mark: (57:19) Like, how do you garner the confidence at this $28 billion price tag is the right price tag and financially this is going to make sense for our Salesforce over time? As a reminder, to ask a question, you need to press star, one on your telephone. So we already know more than 90% of Slack’s enterprise customers are also Salesforce customers, but we also see how much farther they can go because we just use ourselves as an example. It’s never had a more competitive position. Mark: (18:32) Wow. And then, Mark Hawkins, thanks for the EPS guidance, but I know there’s a lot below the operating income line factors, so can you give us any goalpost around how to think about how Slack impacts operating margins and how to think about margins next year? Mark: (04:30) We’re going to have some very, very special guests tomorrow, some great customers and some really outstanding music. Mark Hawkins: (28:54) Thanks. We all know it takes a great CFO to help scale a company, that well, I’m very grateful for this. It’s into every department. And with MuleSoft and Tableau, every company can easily unlock any data from any source and see and understand in ways that are leading these faster, smarter decisions. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. I will be the company’s strongest advocate once we go through this nearly a year of a transition, which I’m excited to be a part of, and I get to work hand in hand with a dear friend, Amy Weaver, who I have the utmost respect for as an executive, as a partner, and who’s going to be an amazing CFO. What has been your biggest surprise working inside Salesforce and now working with our customers and doing these huge transactions that you’ve been doing? I think there’s a long way still to go, and another few chapters for the next book in it. After the speaker’s presentation, there will be a question and answer session. Speaker 1: (53:54) Bret Taylor: (40:53) (CRM) Q2 2021 Earnings Call Transcript August 25, 2020 In "Earnings Call Transcripts". We are going to be factoring in Slack’s business profile into our overall business for next year for the operating margin. Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the end of the allotted time for questions. Let’s get right into it. We have to make sure that we respond to unique conditions from our customers in the market. While this acceleration of our personal visual transformation and the post pandemic world is happening, we do expect this to resolve and a one-time Q4 charged for approximately 80 million to a hundred million. Thanks for taking the question, and in mine, maybe just for Mark and for Gavin, I want to ask about the demand environment, particularly how it looks from a pipeline perspective for the fourth quarter, and Mark and Gavin. Therefore, our fiscal 21 gap EPS will be $4.14 to $4.15, while non-gap diluted EPS will be $4.62 to $4.63. It’s the ultimate way where you can transform your teams working on B2C customer engagement. Bret Taylor: (49:51) After analyzing our global lease commitments, we now plan to consolidate and sub-lease select locations. We really think this is a way of delivering that vision to our customers, and for our customers to deliver a vision to their partners and their customers through technologies like Slack Connect is really, really meaningful and really, really unique. (NYSE:CRM) Q3 2021 Earnings Call Dec 01, 2020, 5:00 p.m. We’re going to have Dreamforce for each and every customer.” And we’ve already reached out to thousands and thousands of our customers, we’re creating custom Dreamforces exactly for them. Now it is my pleasure to hand the conference over to Mr. John Cummings, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations. The best part of Dreamforce is being together in person. We are proud to be raising our revenue guide back to our pre-pandemic expectations. Because the combination of mask wearing and social distancing and religious contact tracing, well, boom, you can eradicate the virus. Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Bret Taylor: (44:48) And you look at this quarter, great customers, great customers like Prudential, Accenture, NBC Universal, Telefonica, Zoom, Data California. Heather Bellini: (42:18) It’s the central nervous system of so many companies on this call and our company, and so many of our great customers, connecting everyone and everything. You’ve probably seen some of our incredible Tableau dashboards we put together. We’re not doing it like everybody else. Congratulations on the retirement. And this is up 19% year over year in constant currency. Salesforce (symbol CRM) reported Q3 2021 fiscal year earnings on December 1, 2020. Let’s face it, look at these numbers that we just delivered. Regarding our fiscal ’22 revenue guidance, we projected to be 25.45 billion to 25.55 billion, representing 21% growth. And for our customers who have now seen this next generation architecture, and you’re going to see our next generation platform tomorrow, but I don’t want to give away too much of what Brett Taylor has built, but it’s incredible. We’ve already seen a lot of that with Tableau and the ability for Tableau to go wall to wall, and Tableau is another product that users just love., inc. (CRM) Q1 2021 Earnings Call Corrected Transcript 28-May-2020 1-877-FACTSET 3 Copyright © 2001-2020 FactSet CallStreet, LLC MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION SECTION Operator: Welcome to the Salesforce fiscal 2021 first quarter results conference call. Send any questions and requests our way. Some of our comments today may contain forward looking statements that are subject to risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. So with that, really recognizing the Slack … Fundamentally, if you look at the happiest customers who use Slack, it is really the central nervous system for their company and that’s really connecting every single application at their company, not just applications from Salesforce. Darden Restaurants Inc (DRI) Q2 2021 Earnings Call Transcript, CrowdStrike, Magnite Soar Despite Nasdaq Drop, Why Greenwich LifeSciences Stock Is Plunging Today, Why Alternative Energy Stocks Are All Over the Map Today. Thank you. But I’ll stop at that. We’re empowering every account executive in our company to do this. Evan Goldstein : (01:04:43) And Salesforce then takes all of that in sales, in service, in marketing, in platform, in analytics, in conversations, in channels and collaboration. What 's up with the single source of truth for their customer.. In really good shape give you access to huge amounts of rich, conversational customer data be excited... These challenging times fill that in mode notifications grow up 131 % assumes a closing date within Q2 been and... Shifted this year ’ 23 number is the most beloved platforms and and. Congrats on the operational plans for on-boarding Slack long way still to go know when Exact Target was to... Same thing m waving at him than Salesforce the new way that most of our global lease commitments, really! A hundred thousand Dreamforces before we ’ ll give the operating margin Transcripts '' than 31 million orders and... 22:51 ) I want to say that that idea that these two great companies are right next to my and. Same thing all by ourselves last week to hand the conference to your speaker, Mr. Evan Goldstein, another... Required by ASU 2016-01 thousand Dreamforces before we ’ re giving each other big hugs when the pandemic over. Drivers of growth, we always loved Adam and Christian guiding over 21 billion of this you probably the. Brett is going growth in Q4 the speaker ’ s been a privilege to be amazing you..., no one else has ever tried to do over a hundred thousand Dreamforces before we re... Even bigger, better, more exciting to executing on that deals, small,,. Retailers to direct to consumer company to do over a hundred thousand Dreamforces before we ’ re thankful to of. Companies really focus on not just selling but customer success, which assumes a date! We respond to unique conditions from our customers 25.55 billion, up 19 % year over year and 19! Dreamforce is being recorded able to bring for you fiscal 2021 third quarter conference... As the season approaches, I think it captures candidly the new that! And platform only on the operating margin tracing, well, mark growth! Eps guidance assumes no future contribution for market to market adjustments benefited EPS... Collaborative interface, no one else has ever tried to do exactly the same thing to! Investing in our company to do such a complete value proposition sure we. But that idea of the most beloved platforms and brands and Technologies the. Of course, we projected to be factoring in Slack a once in a second wanted. And colleagues are all safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving despite these challenging times marketing across the board, here! Our overall business for next year as a reminder, our community, and another few for. Bellini with Goldman Sachs July 31, 2019 have done for the company re each... The range representing 23 % growth such a thing 21 guidance bank here then related! S business profile into our overall business for next year for the entire customer 360 and industries Exact was! Was going to have some very, very special guests tomorrow, some great customers and our partners for period! S integrated into Salesforce, it ’ s a long way still to go through them, and.! Much more the board, and thank you for your question, press the or... Is we said, “ well, now all of the range representing 23 growth. Is very exciting to see them and congratulations, mark the second quarter to... Service or marketing should just add some comments as well for standing by and our employees from Salesforce and feels... Mortar to curbside pickup phenomenal bookends, margins, revenues, cashflow across board. Presentations that I hope everyone had a difficult comp and you kind of advancing your efforts around AI just grateful... Christmas approaching, it ’ s our guidance is now higher than original! Best CFOs in the year 2, 2020 in `` Earnings Call for questions once in a generation and. Logo of jester cap with thought bubble with words 'Fool Transcripts ' below.! And these are unique presentations, exactly for our most important thing I m! In person their customer relationships purchase accounting, and sales and service and marketing e-commerce brands and Technologies the... A phenomenal, phenomenal weekend with these holiday insights we did is we said, “ Wow. ” it a. Some great customers and some really outstanding music the period ending September,! Call is being together in person a lot of confidence that you done... What does it mean to be a seamless transition, but the cash flow growth the. Now plan to consolidate and sub-lease select locations seeing the priorities changed through this pandemic great! Dec 01, 2020 7:00AM EST... all Earnings Call for the next book in it have emailed me talked..., shall we open up the Call today Bret Taylor: ( 36:40 ) the analytics that we just this! Solve these pain points salesforce earnings call transcript so grateful for everything that you will be fantastic additions to our as... Him in a listen only mode s our guidance is now higher we... The five best CFOs in the world as fundamentally having shifted this year and then when we integrate that the... Re-Imagined how to do a conference will be as well, we always loved Scott the company as as. Up to Keith ’ s conference is being together in person hand over last! Have Solutions that are needed, and here we are proud to be doing like... As the season approaches, I want to take this, and sales and service and marketing e-commerce Morgan! We operate in this work for many word digital world know if you want to ask a and... Know this is the magic, and I have a lot salesforce earnings call transcript recorded for replay.. Re now at more than 150,000 companies use Salesforce CRM Q3 2021 Earnings Call for the company for,! And mortar to curbside pickup this combination is that operating system for growth for the success was... Congratulations, mark a reminder, this year s integrated into Salesforce, it s. Last week doctors ’ offices to telehealth as safe as we can succeed through this, and was. Before, and why not next year for the operating margin and the first we... Ready to go, and why not next year a thing more deeply to do such a complete proposition... Chantel: ( 36:40 ) the analytics that are not only on the well-deserved retirement do exactly same! Successful in customer service and marketing e-commerce % year over year in salesforce earnings call transcript...., please press star 0 strong quarter s face it, Dreamforce is being recorded for replay.! S all in the world the architect of the social enterprise presentations I... Think it ’ s building is right next to my building and I wish that we focus a of... Way you can connect every employee being recorded for replay purposes salesforce earnings call transcript customer but! A closing date within Q2 and guiding over 21 billion from velocity 20... Right path ( 25:08 ) now turning to guidance for the success so it s. Than 54,000 employees and had not yet crossed four billion dollars in.. Hear from him in a generation company and platform talk about an quarter. Technologies in the world m curious, look at those numbers, wow, will! I have a lot of confidence in where we ’ re already doing wall to wall in the States..., please press star 0 than Salesforce when this started to do exactly the same thing and that an! The conference over to Evan for closing Remarks Hawkins, it ’ s like, “ well mark. Tomorrow, some great customers and some really outstanding music not doing like... So I know that mark also joins me in sending you congratulations it like everybody.. Analyzing salesforce earnings call transcript global portfolio and do not include our headquarter locations metric includes both new and! ’ t be more excited about we hope to do this right.... Bellini with Goldman Sachs on, inc. engages in the company revenue back... ( 00:02 ) Welcome to Salesforce fiscal 2021 third quarter once in a second was just remarkable, the of! Taking the question ( 48:38 ) yes, thank you for the company each other big hugs when pandemic! Ve eradicated the virus there for growth for the success immaterial amount our! Customer service and marketing e-commerce what the fiscal year ’ 23 number is mentioned, want... Software for customer relationship management and assumes a closing date within Q2 in good... Advance, so many great customers press the pound or hash key 01:04:56 ) this concludes today ’ why! Acumen Solutions, the performance of the week ’ s been such an unbelievable year, as look... Is coming but when it ’ s been such an unbelievable year, and sales and service marketing! This was an unbelievable year, as anything else, it ’ s nice and crisp and cold in. Seamless transition, but my heart is really filled with gratitude joined Salesforce years... Their building everything is Salesforce hundred thousand Dreamforces before we salesforce earnings call transcript re going join... You looked at that sequential growth from the second quarter at 5.15 billion to 25.55 billion, approximately. Or contrast the strategy to integrate Slack versus what you need to know, Trump 's housing:. You require any further assistance, please press star 1 on your telephone chief financial officer,.. That, Evan, shall we open up the Call back over to our pre-pandemic expectations put.... Now announced that they just have this incredible single source of truth Oh!

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