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Recommended by Those Dancing Days; Pairing(s): Felicity/Ben Synopsis: The story of the wedding of Felicity Merriman and Benjamin Davidson. Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Felicity - An American Girl Adventure (2005), American Girls: Felicity - Various Authors, American Girls Books - Various Authors Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Ben Davidson/Felicity Merriman Characters: Ben Davidson, Felicity … Ben exclaimed with a chuckle. Mr. Merriman exclaimed, finally free of the talkative men he'd been assisting for some time. "Teasing Annabelle just doesn't work. Felicity asked him, grasping his other arm. As she opened the door to Merriman's Store, she breathed in the all-too-familiar scents that she had smelled almost every day of her life for years. "Not even evening yet, and my lively girl is yawning? ", "Elizabeth Cole!" Ben, who shared her secrets and taught her to whistle and fish and fly kites. :) Please review, I'd really like it! It was a slow morning and only a few customers were there, so Felicity opened the cash register and put the pay in herself. ", Felicity herself hadn't realized just how hard she'd been glaring at Annabelle's back. Pleasant Company owns it all. on Archive of Our Own. Mr. Merriman glanced at the still brooding Ben before saying, "You're Lady Templeton's nephew, I understand. "I simply didn't sleep well last night. She is too young. But I'm just glad it's over.". The Wedding Of Felicity And Ben by Commander Cody CC - 2224. There are too many steps to this blasted store!" Felicity missed him quite terribly but she wouldn't let on to anyone else, and besides it was only a pang now and again. They bumped into one another, and Felicity immediately recognized him as the man who had fallen on his rump outside the store. Such an endearing name for such a...angelic young girl." Benstown by Commander Cody CC - 2224. "If you're sure you're okay. I'm so embarassed I can't even look your father in the eye! Felicity was my favorite American girl, because she liked horses. Lettie was invited to dine with them as well, for the duke had let it be known that he wanted her treated with respect, dignity and courtesy by all. A Loyalist fop! Lissie... are you well? The walk back was silent as the night around them was. The two horses, mother and foal, pushed their noses at their mistress. Ben didn't need to be told twice. Sparks (An American Girl Felicity/Ben Fanfic) chapter two Chapter 2 December 9, 1781 Felicity felt in a daze as she helped her mother clear off the dinner table while Ben talked with Father in the parlor. TV Movie: "Felicity" An American Girl Adventure Song: "Enchanted" By Taylor Swift. "There's no need, Mr. Forsythe. fanfic depicting a tragic theme of Felicity the American Girl. The brief, warm grip of his hand made the butterflies in her gut go mad. "Good afternoon, father," she said to a tall man who was writing up accounts on the desk. The plot ideas for this fanfic were borrowed from the Firefly series episode Shindig. The fear and despair she'd felt in the dream was still with her. Elizabeth exclaimed, interrupting Felicity's savage thoughts as she came to her friend's side, looking harassed. Every head in the store turned toward Annabelle Cole, rushing over to Ben, who sighed warily and stepped behind the counter, looking pained. Felicity (nicknamed Lissie) is a tomboyish, daring, adventurous, spunky, brave, and fiercely independent-minded girl. "'Tis good to have you back. "So, how are things at the store?" Please...the matter is closed. ", "Perhaps," Mr. Merriman replied (with no amount of assurance in his voice), "in about five years. Felicity stroked Penny's soft coat and gave her a carrot from her basket that she had gotten from the store especially for her. Now, are you going to purchase thread or not? You look... like you could absolutely explode! Williamsburg was rebuilding itself and celebrating their new independence. "Oh, but surely you'll have time to come by and cheer for me, won't you?" "Th-Thank you, young miss, I-I am...obliged. "Then you're probably unable to think of anything but-oh!" With Ben stifiling a chuckle, they rushed forward to help. "I can't wait to see Father! I'll take over here. "Good day, Mr. Merriman. You'll be killed! In the night, she'd been woken by a dream where he'd been shot and was dying, and she hadnt been able to get back to sleep afterward. "Looks like those two are glad to be home." Ben noted that the heels of the man's shoes were high and elaborately embroidered, as was his rich clothing. ", Forsythe made an uncomfortable sound in his throat and said, "Then you should know I only have the most honorable intentions toward your daughter. Whatever did this Loyalist fop want with Felicity? It was Ben. As her father went to assist a woman at the fabric bolts, she cast Ben a 'See you later' look (he nodded back), and headed toward the as she was going out, a jittery young man was coming in. Then she checked on Patriot, Penny's foal, which was now a beautiful colt. "Lissie, have you gotten the things from the store?" She would have stayed in the stable all day and quite forgot her duties if Nan, Felicity's sister, hadn't called her into the kitchen building. Felicity jumped. As many times as she ends up humiliated she just doesn't quit. 11 year old Felicity Merriman is just discovering the agonies of first love on the path to becoming a woman, with none other than her father's apprentice, Ben. Annabelle pouted angrily. Why, if it was the last thing she ever did-, "Ah, Felicity!" "Let's go get something to drink, I'm thirsty. Also tethered to the rear of the carriage was Penny and Patriot, to whom Felicity went. "Perhaps I should go fetch your mother...", "No, Ben, there's no need." "Hungry, Penny-girl?" Was it actually, humanly possible for one's heart to flip over within the confines of one's chest? He came close to Mr. Merriman. I won't forget you." She came into the store this week in desperate need of sugar and flour. After a hearty good-bye-I'll-see-you-at-home, Felicity walked home, more burdened than she had left. "Felicity?" When Mr. Merriman had hired Martin the whole family was surprised. Merriman laughed with Felicity at the sight of her girls trying to contain the meal. Again. "From Lady Templeton herself! Felicity replied, watching them go. There's no need for her to be bothered with such a character. Blitz Evacuees: Emily Bennett. I'm merely saying that my Felicity is too yong to be courted, nothing more. "What? She was fixed on Ben and smiling flirtatiously, giggling and batting her eyelashes.Felicity wanted to wretch.If she even DARES think she'll ever win Ben's affections I'll take her by that mousy brown hair of hers and-, "Oh Felicity!" The best she could do was twitch. "Look, there's Ben! Smiling crookedly, she shook her head. I wanted to tell you that was a really brave thing you did, turning in that spy Mr. Haskall. Teenage!Felicity. On top of that, at dinner yesterday evening, Mr. Tate, the plantation's overseer, went on about how the Continental Army was seriously lacking in uniforms, food, and supplies, which in turn reminded her that Ben would be leaving to join the army when he turned eighteen in September. Teenage!Felicity. I ask of you that you not take my inquiry lightly. She held his arm as he scrambled to his feet, not blinking even once as he did so. Ben is back from the war and Felicity is excited. "Not from your rude little friend, anyway. Ben felt as if he'd been holding his breath since Forsythe first addressed him. Most of the Patriots are sore about losing the war, but some learn to cope with circumstances. ", "Aye, sir!" Annabelle was here to inspect Ben. If it was just a fancy, I'd be silly and stupid, like Annabelle Cole, and I am NOT like Bananabelle Cole!Do I...dare I even think it?...I'm only eleven!...but I am not a child. So there!This is my first fanfic ever on the net, so the first chapter may be a little odd, but it will get better! Be a good lad and help.". The idea was not strange or even shocking to Mr. Edward Merriman at all. Felicity Merriman walked briskly along the path one crisp fall day, shawl over shoulders and basket tucked under her arm. An A.U. "Aye," Ben agreed, grinning (the butterflies in Felicity's stomach took fit) "And it seems that Lady Templeton has had some of her family arrive from England for awhile-her sister and nephew, I believe-I hear her sister's husband passed away and her sister is quite distraught. "Pardon," said a woman, the same woman Mr. Merriman had been helping moments earlier. "That fellow over there looks in need of assistence with the pipes. Nan protested. Felicity was depressed about having to leave King's Creek so soon, as summer had just begun, but Mother promised they could return again before fall, which made leaving tolerable.She had been previously depressed about discovering her new friend, Mr. Haskall, was a British spy, and she'd had to turn him in for it. ", "Ben, NO! "Do show me your spools! "Wait a moment and I'll get Patriot.". "Mr. Forsythe, have you any idea how old my daughter is? "What do you mean? "Let's go, Annabelle. Then she blurted out,"Fine...I'm fine." ... Felicity - An American Girl Adventure (2005) (6) American Girl Dolls - All Media Types (6) Exclude Characters Ben Davidson (10) Ben replied promptly, in complete agreement. Felicity handed it to him gently. ", And then they heard Bananabelle purr, "I do plan on entering the beauty contest at the summer social coming up. Felicity's personality had changed, too. Ben looked clearly uncomfortable. That ought to settle it! I don't know about you, sir, but there is definately something about that boy I don't like! I never did care for carriage rides, myself, either. Beside her, her little brother William dozed off and on, as she herself had done, lulled to sleep by the rocking carriage. As well-dressed as the stunned young man to whom he was referring, the older man jogged up and wheezed. Ben cast Felicity an undeniably helpless, pleading look. That did it. She felt young Patriot's black nose tickeling her ponytail. A knot of frustration was forming in the pit of his stomach. They didn't think he could handle another apprentice in his advancing age. "I suppose there are always...boys. "What's this?" "Is age a problem, Mr. Before stepping into her house she stopped in the barn and looked over the horses, as she loved to do. Though she didn't want to be called a child anymore, Father's warm smile and comforting presence made her feel at peace and secure as a child loved to feel. Felicity smiled and then turned her head to look at Martin, Father's apprentice. Wrinkling her nose, she took off her shawl and ran as fast as she could toward the stove, where Nan was vainly trying to save a pot of soup from becoming combustible. "You're loud-mouthed, Nan," William grumbled sleepily, rubbing his eyes. And that was the truth, but it wasn't the whole truth. The young man was left standing just inside the door, gawking and gaping at Felicity leaving. "You there, boy!". ", Forsythe looked indifferent. And then she felt uncomfortable under his scrutinizing gaze, so she moved from the stall door, nudged his arm as she went by. He came over to Mr. Merriman and Felicity, who couldn't help but grin with amusement. "Ben, there you are!" They make me feel...wobbly.". Forsythe's eyes jerked about as if he were looking for a hint as to what to do next, so he mumbled, "Perhaps, then... in time, you will change your mind? "Mr. Merriman," Forsythe began again, sounding frustrated and losing patience, "need I remind you that my family has a considerable amount of wealth and has a highly respected social standing both here and abroad? exclaimed Felicity, snickering. Mumbling to himself, he turned his back on Ben and seemed as though he were pondering one of the great mysteries of life. Ben, who was soon to leave to become a soldier, possibly be killed. Thread is more of a woman's area of expertise, anyway. Across from her in the carriage, Mother was peering at her curiously, as was her younger sister Nan, who had been playing "finger-grab" with baby Polly in Mother's arms. Felicity gasped for breath at the end of this long speech but picked her basket up and practically ran toward the kitchen. Felicity Merriman stared down at her hands in her lap, but she was seeing Benjamin Davidson's face in her mind. "She's the shopkeeper's daughter...sir," Ben replied hotly, brooding. I'm afraid it will take something serious to make Annabellle see reason. "Reginald Maxim Forsythe. She rubbed absently at her temples with both hands and said, "Oh, sorry, Elizabeth! Rated: Fiction K - English - Romance/Friendship - Felicity M. - Chapters: 21 - Words: 118,308 - Reviews: 76 - Favs: 72 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 4/29/2010 - Published: 4/28/2010 - Status: Complete - id: 5931762 And soon we shall see your father.". Felicity's tired green eyes met Elizabeth's concerned blue ones. "Can you get up, sir?" She smiled at William, seeing his head nod, then turned to gaze out the window on her right. He was staring at Felicity as if he'd never seen a girl before. ", "Rude, wasn't he?" Do you know that Annabelle has dragged me in here every day for a week just to look at nick-nacks and annoy poor Ben? Felicity: An American Girl Romance Part One, Chapter One. I suppose there should be some kinda disclaimer for this here story, so here it is: I don't own any American Girl characters, I am only in love with the colonial couple of Felicity and Ben. Then another wave hit her. Why young Ben, he thought, is that a general observation, or could you perhaps have an interest in Felicity as well? "A Loyalist fop-turtle! American Girl Felicity Merriman. Now whatever shall we do for entertainment? Handsome, yes, but...a rush of heat swept over her that had nothing to do with it being summer. My balance is off because of it. If it is a letter of permission you require, I admit I cannot obtain one from my father, for he has passed on, but my Lord uncle Alexander Templeton will gladly be willing to present a formal inquiry-", This time it was Mr. Merriman who interrupted. Will be posting the second chapter if I get reviews saying they'd like to know what happens next. It did not occur to either one of them that all who saw them thought that they made an attractive young couple. ", "Yes, yes," Forsythe replied absently. She wasn't even old enough to be courted.A wave of dizziness washed over her. Ben and Felicity was fascinated by the array of maps framed upon the wall. Strong annoyance settled in as the young man strode over to the counter. :). Ben was rather talkative. Felicity believes in fighting for what she wants and can be quite stubborn and headstrong at times; this gives her a strong connection to Benjamin Davidson. A few British soldiers come and go, more often than usual, but they get on well with your father.". "Tell your mother I'll be home directly, which I will, and that I gave you unbelievably strict orders to lie down awhile. He wouldn't think of her as anything more than a sister. Her hair had darkened to a deep auburn and she no longer had troublesome freckles, but her green eyes were as sharp as ever. This heat does not do any of us well." It was her! Now what shall we do about Bananabelle today? You're a brave patriot girl, Felicity Merriman. 'Twas rather warm in the house.". Ben had returned. ", Ben glared. "She requires a foot-soak, my lord. But there was still something he could do. You must be exhausted. "I know you and your family weren't gone very long to your grandfather's plantation, but Williamsburg is so lonely without you! Finally, he turned to stare at his servant. sir.". she asked him pleasantly, doing her best to think about something other than having affections for Ben. "Sorry, sir, I was unaware anyone was coming in!" Felicity's walk to the store with Ben was pleasant and dizziness-free. I suppose there should be some kinda disclaimer for this here story, so here it is: I don't own any American Girl characters, I am only in love with the colonial couple of Felicity and Ben. "Not all of them-very few, in fact. The two men shook hands. "I'm not insulting you, Mr. Forsythe, I know about your family's fortune and standing. Please don't hate me, Elizabeth, but I must say she just isn't worth the time and effort anymore. "Mr. Merriman, I wonder if I could perhaps inquire about a meeting with your daughter...Felicity? "My beautiful wild-child, tell me, how was the trip home?". "Yes ma'am, I'll go get them," Felicity said. Jaynestown; Young Benjamin Davidson by Commander Cody CC - 2224. The tall, slender, teenage Ben was coming to the gate as the carriage pulled up and came to a gentle halt. You know what else … Felicity squared her shoulders and strode over behind the counter to Ben's side and took the rack of thread spools from him. She tried to call out for him but her voice wouldnt work, either. "Well we are!" He spun on his heel and strode out. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Bear with me. Usually their cook, Rose, would help but she had the night off because one of her sisters was dreadfully sick. Felicity And Ben's Romantic Honeymoon Moment, an american girl fanfic | FanFiction Felicity and Ben's Romantic Honeymoon Moment Written By: Commander Cody CC-2224 Felicity Merriman Davidson waded barefoot near the edge of the beach shore in Yorktown on an early warm summer evening of the first month of June, 1783. Curious eyes the color of the finest emeralds peered down at him under dark lashes.She was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen in his life. Forsythe sputtered, and Ben looked utterly stunned. With slightly raised eyebrows, Mr. Merriman gave Ben an amused smile. I've practically memorized every item for sale in Mr. Merriman's store. Chapter 8 Felicity came storming in the Merriman house mumbling things about that spiteful Marque Francis. "That striking young red-haired girl that just left the store! ", "Ah," Felicity sighed, as they entered the barn with the horses. Your mother and sisters and brother well? She helped them get everything under control then turned to Felicity. She wouldn't leave the Merrimans' without a fight in any other circumstance, but this was too bad to NOT go, and Mrs. Merriman let her go easily.Mrs. ", "Your'e telling me 'no'?" "Hello Felicity." ", "Forsythe." ", "No, Mr. Forsythe," Mr. Merriman said, with a touch of authority in his voice. Mrs. Merriman told him cheerfully. As they approached the store, Ben had just finished telling her about a big, black muscular horse that a customer, Mr. Haverty, had purchased for farming, when they both saw a rather short young man slip on the steps to Father's store, and go down on his rump, swearing. "Then soldiers would be too fat to fight!" Ben glared in the direction in which Forsythe had gone. The young man's voice had a high pitch to it, a nervous sound, and he spoke fast. But your father is truly kind-I think he knows why Bananabelle keeps coming in, and he always gives me a sympathetic look, but I hate that she does this-Lissie, are you all right? He was 17. "Goodbye, Lissie. He stared at Mr. Merriman for a moment, then pursed his lips. She spotted familiar homes and buildings. Of course he's my friend and I care about him, but...what is this? He took her gently by the shoulders and steered her out from behind the counter. she wondered, feeling dizzy. Spunky, colonial Felicity Merriman is known for acting without thought and in a world of danger, magic, villains, newfound romance and sisterly rivalry her actions have the power to either save the world or destroy it. She was indeed a vision of angelic, youthful beauty. ", "Aye, he is. As if Ben would be interested in such a snobby, self-centered priss-pot like her, Felicity thought seethingly. ", Ben laughed. "Felicity smirked. Mr. Merriman sighed irresolutely. Author's Note: I do not own any American Girl characters. But is that friendship about to become something more? Hair as red as a fiery sunset. Heck, her first book is about Julie trying to have her new school accept girls onto the boys-only basketball team. I'm sorry she makes you come down here to stand and wait while she makes a fool of herself. Felicity meets Ben for the first time when he’s introduced as Annabelle’s fiance, arranged through a deal that kept him out of the war, and Annabelle out of her parent’s hair. Happy Birthday, Felicity! He grinned broadly at Felicity's un-ladylike laughter. "Felicity Merriman," he grumbled through clenched teeth. "But Mr. Merriman is very glad to have all of you home here in Williamsburg. ", Going up the steps of the store, Ben had whispered to Felicity under his breath, "That was Lady Templeton's nephew! "My manners are not what they should be, miss, so I pray you will-". Annabelle, who hadn't heard, opened her mouth to protest vehemently, but Elizabeth stepped forward and grabbed her sister's arm. "All right there, sir?" features a young black militiaman whom Felicity and Ben hang out with. "'Tis best you woke, for we are almost home now," Mother told her, changing Polly from one arm crook to the other. This is the most painfully graphic a video can be that is made entirely from clips of Felicity: An American Girl Adventure. She waved too, and said to Ben," Oh, I'm fine. She claimed the only consolation her sister Prudence will accept is sweets. "If mama is going to endure a lengthy visit here, she will have to adapt to this wretched weather like the rest of us." "Speaking of soldiers, I suppose you're excited for September to come. Fandoms: American Girl Dolls - All Media Types, Felicity - An American Girl Adventure (2005), American Girls: Felicity - Various Authors General Audiences No Archive Warnings Apply So that was that. Don't leave me, don't!". Ben asked, reaching for one of the young man's flailed arms. "As if Felicity would want anything to do with a boy like that!". You see, my Felicity is only eleven years old. Standing right in front of her was Ben, back from the army! Status: Complete; Synopsis: This is a Felicity fanfic that takes place one year after the American War for Independence.However, in this particular fanfic, the British have won the war, which concluded at the Battle of Yorktown (1781 A.D.). ", "But you could allow me to visit," Forsythe pressed on. Now she had a headache! It was the fop-doodle again. So like emeralds...like an angel's! Yet as talk of revolution rumbles around her, Felicity … Nervous, exciting, and ... weakening? They've always been friends. said Ben, his grin widening. "I need your assistance in choosing some thread, " Annabelle told him, fluttering her eye lashes. Again. "Nothing? What about me? "Never mind that, Smedley. ", "But you have seen all the spools Mr. Merriman has," Ben replied tiredly. She smelled of lavender. Ben thought. When Mrs. Fitchett requests that Mr. Merriman have Marcus deliver oats to her house, h… ", "Oh, Father, I'm not tired!" Felicity: An American Girl Romance Part One, Chapter One. The two laughing children ran about the yard in circles, which was their newest game-making themselves dizzy then falling down. American Girl is a Yuletide fandom. As if it were even possible now. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I-I-I'm sorry," he stammered, gawking at her. So there! Why don't you run along and play, little Felicity? But she still had her strong opinions and wouldn't back down on things she believed in. "'Tis hard not to like Father!" Was she beginning to fancy Ben Davidson? Nan and mother are expecting it. Her name was Penny because he coat was the color of a bright copper penny. "Of course we will. I just didn't get much sleep last night. Being called 'boy' like that was immensely irritating, especially when it came from a FOP who didn't seem to be a day older than himself. ", Mr. Merriman chuckled again. Ben didn't look any different today than he usually did-everyday work clothes, brown hair back in it's queue-and yet he looked appealing to her in a way that made her feel tingly inside. ", "If I told you that I would enjoy a fishing lesson right now, would you believe me? I've been so bored that a jaunt to the privvy is the only excitement I get! They've always been friends. "When did you get back?". She is far too young to become involved in matters of courtship, even if she were interested in doing so." They certainly didn't look at each other like kids anymore. Felicity giggled and gave in. She is very active for a girl her age in her era and is annoyed at her lack of freedom as a young girl and the ladylike things and personality that is expected of her. Tell me!" And with that, he turned and vanished into the fog and darkness, far out of her reach. Now...Mr. Forsythe, I truly appreciate your interest in my girl, but she is simply too young". "I couldn't even discuss it further until she is sixteen. "I couldn't have done it without your help in convincing Father to come. He saw the boy with brown hair that had offered to help him up first turn and say something to the beautiful girl, who giggled, then the two disappeared into Merriman's store. He was grinning as he peered in at them.

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