trigon vs dormammu

Trigon: I WILL NOW ERASE ALL TRACES OF YOUR PATHETIC EXISTENCE, WRETCH!! Dormammu was firing a combination of magical blasts and energy bolts at his opponent whilst the six-eyed was attacking his opponent with a combination of eldritch blasts, eye beams and energy blasts from his power staff. Wiz: No, he wouldn’t be able to do as he would need to physically absorb Trigon in order to steal his strength and considering that Trigon was equal to him in terms of power this would make it a lot more difficult for him to absorb Trigon without the use of prep-time or outside help which wasn’t allowed in this battle. Spiderman has fought them before, and he … isnt trigon like in between mephy and dormy.....slightly more powerful than mephy and lesx than dormy??? View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Legendary God of Pirates Join Date Apr 2014 Location London, UK Posts 6,933. the comic is called the Demon: Hell is earth or smth. Trigon: That’s simple! Don't know enough to say this isn't a stomp but I am curious to see what kind of replies or arguments there are. How did this Sinfier guy produce two kids on his own?! Trigon: Your strike was pathetic but I will now wipe you from existence for daring to attack me! In his throne room in the Dark Dimension Dormammu was thinking to himself about conquering Earth as he had sensed that his nemesis, Doctor Strange was not present on the planet. Trigon fire lasers out of four of his six eyes towards Dormammu who flies into the air, dodging the attack which singes the pastures before firing another blast of energy at Trigon who blocks it with his hand. He has survived dimensional collapse twice, the second one was caused by a multiversal entity erasing the entire world around him; which resulted in a temporal vortex that shreds your mind, body, and soul across all of space and time. After that they both got the brilliant idea of conquering other dimensions because you know, they are nice aliens! Trigon is a character by DC Comics. Thread Tools. The ones referring to Dormammu or Trigon? LightningAce11 3 years ago #1. Who wins? Abandoned What-If? The two fiery attacks collided with each other and matched each other in power briefly before Trigon used his remaining strength to overpower Dormammu’s flames with his hellfire blast, both attacks then rocketed towards the Dread Lord’s astral form. I, the Dread Lord Dormammu can also do this! Boomstick: Once it came down to dealing the finishing blow, Trigon was able to use his powers of Nigh-Omniscience to look into the future, see how powerful Dormammu’s regeneration abilities were and then completely obliterate the dimension they were fighting in so that he could prevent Dormammu from reforming himself and put an end to the fight. 3 3. comments. Wiz: Overall, Trigon’s superior speed, intelligence and ability to absorb Dormammu’s power allowed him to eventually gain the advantage over Dormammu and take him down for good. After a minute of fighting, the two Demons stood still and began to charge up particularly powerful energy attacks, the Dread Lord charging up a magical blast in his hand whilst the father of Raven was charging up a blast in his staff. Dormammu was becoming agitated by the situation and stepped onto a giant brimstone bridge which stood above a lake of hellfire and lava, whilst shooting energy blasts at the illusions. Dormammu: Ha! @uallhoes: Well Trigon is such a dangerous being the Presense has sent the Stranger to make deals with him. Dormammu: It is unwise for you to mock the most powerful sorcerer in the Multiverse! (edited by Internet02) Ryu VS Jin. he suffers for what he had done to him. Dormammu: Ha! Wiz: In terms of his magic, Dormammu is incredibly powerful due to having merged his essence with the Dark Dimension, his existence also sustains the dimension and this makes him nigh-omnipotent inside or outside the Dark Dimension though he is at his most powerful whilst in the dimension meaning that it’s incredibly difficult for opponents to defeat him face to face while he is in the dimension. NO! Beings like Dormammu and Mephisto are more or less fully Omnipotent within their own realms, while being on vastly varying levels of power outside of them. hide. I personally think this fight could go either way. I’m going to enjoy putting you in your place! Also, as has been pointed out in another thread, Dormammu easily wins the Fashion Contest. And seriously current trigon is a mortal last time I checked and got oneshotted by faora, source:dc comics bombshell, trigon feats are mostly hyperbolic, dormammu is better. Trigon: You pathetic fool! my full power.during that attack! Dormammu vs. Trigon. He's basically Dormammu light. Who would win in a fight, Dormammu or Trigon (Post Crisis)? HA! And seriously current trigon is a mortal last time I checked and got oneshotted by faora, source:dc comics bombshell, trigon feats are mostly hyperbolic, dormammu is better. It's one thing that he virtually can't lie to Raven because they bridge on a mental level when they are near one another, he can try and withhold information however. The one with feats (Dormammu) 05-06-2016, 06:57 PM. Above him, Dormammu was laughing at his subdued opponent. Wiz: He's also extremely skilled at using telekinesis, being able to use it on such a scale that he can manipulate the fundamental forces of the universe and distort the space-time continuum. best. In fact he have just one that was retconned in the same series, when a warrior woman wearing a magical armor was able to block him to enter in her world, yet a bit later Cassie (Wondergirl, much stronger than that warrior woman) and wearing the same magical armor not just that couldn't stop him, but Trigon also possesed her and used her for his own purposes. In an alternate timeline when the Titans weren't around to stop Trigon, he ended up killing the Justice League and conquering the Earth for himself. While you have interrupted me for long enough you are not worthy to die by my hand, instead, I shall send my minions to dispose of you! Let's just forget we even know each other. The tsunamis hit the area where Trigon was standing and disintegrated with the Demon being completely unscathed thanks to a magical shield that he had put up. Wiz: Also, while Dormammu may have been the superior sorcerer, Trigon was no pushover and would be able to counter practically everything that Dormammu could throw at him with his sorcery, or his reality-warping and regenerative abilities. If we're going to follow such unreasonable logic and apply to every character that Strange fought and stalemated/defeated then even the abstract Death isn't at Odin's level. Ha! Giving it to Trigon. Wiz: If he does somehow get injured, Dormammu has a powerful healing factor that allows him to recover almost any injury no matter how severe these injuries may be. But if stuck in the moment, you can always ask... why would Trigon lie at all? Dormammu: You may have defeated my pathetic minions, but you have no chance against the power of my astral form! As the planet exploded, Dormammu flew out of its atmosphere and watched its destruction from a safe distance, he then looked to see if Trigon had survived and began to smirk at the prospect of having finally defeated his enemy. Baron Mordo has survived in a nexus filled with thousands of colliding dimensions. By scaling, statements and status is almost a mismatch actually, but even by feats Trigon is still above him. Maybe the Dark Dimension would help but idk, I give it to Trigon. While I don't know much about Trigon, I've noticed that the general consensus is that Dormammu wins, but it is no stomp. Wiz: However, despite his arrogance, Trigon is still incredibly powerful and will stop at nothing until he's managed to conquer the Multiverse! best. Dormammu: The Dread Lord Dormammu does not tolerate insolence from others! Ha! Dormammu then began to gloat at his opponent. Superhero battle match: Dormammu & Trigon versus Team Wolverine. She's not even skyfather level, right? Dormmamu has actual feats to argue with, instead of plain hyperbole. And you will learn to view me with the respect I demand. I have a perfect idea! No matter, if I move this battle to the Dark Dimension, this wretch will crumble before my power! share. Wiz: Alright the combatants are set, let’s end this debate once and for all! Trigon still wins though, but Dormammu is and always will be a universal being just by his history( Absorving other universes and all). The arrows then struck the Demon in all six of his eyes causing him to roar in pain. It allowed him to reattach his head to his body after Deadwood cut it off and even after his essence was scattered across multiple dimensions he was still able to reform his body. Dormammu may be powerful, but he doesn't have power or magic to take on Trigon, who casually enslaves/destroys galaxies. Strange and Dr.voodoo and Trigon far surpasses them in ability, all though to be fair, they do have plot armor. The two Demons were now in the Dark Dimension. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. o_0 Mindless Ones The clue should be in the name. He also continued to conquer other dimensions and eventually set his sights on ruling Earth. A portal then appeared in front of Trigon’s chest and Dormammu exited it before charging up magical blasts in both of his hands. Dormammu’s portal opened on a strange world which despite its cold climate had many green pastures along with high cliffs and mountains made up of a strange purple rock. To be fair, when it comes to getting Raven to follow her daddy, those are some big … Trigon then used his telepathy to access Dormammu’s mind with considerable effort before plucking out a memory from his mind that the Dread Lord despised. They fight for the crown of being the true Satan! Yes, this is what happens to all those who defy my wrath! : I am Trigon, conqueror of galaxies, and I am planning to enslave the population of the pitiful planet Earth. Trigon vs. Dormammu is a What-If? Odin vs Trigon! She couldn't even take his soul by force and then had to use an indirect approach by trying to convince him(Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#45): Death herself questioned her ability to defeat him in the same issue and admitted that would take a supreme effort as well: So now Death is below Odin? For the record, the Living Tribunal is the second most powerful entity in the Marvel universe so this feat is not to be taken lightly! They demonstrate a high level of cosmic status and possibly even resistances to conceptual attacks. Trigon is among ones of the most powerful entities in DC, having the Presence himself making deals with him. They fight on a hero and villainless Earth. report. Dormammu began to laugh in triumph as he believed he finally killed Trigon, however, he began gasping for air and fell on his knees as he saw two massive holes in his chest. Dormammu: Hmph, my previous spells may not have been able to kill you, but this spell is one of my more powerful attacks and if it can bring pathetic sorcerers to their knees, it will surely be able to destroy you. Dormammu vs Mephisto! Trigon then grinned at Dormammu as he brought his flaming head towards his face, before speaking to him. He also has no problem betraying and destroying those he makes deals with simply because he can. Trigon: ‘chuckles’ Ha! Death Battles Category, How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Disney vs. Warner Bros' themed Death Battles, 'Villain vs. Boomstick: He's also a master of sorcery, being able to fire blasts of mystical eldritch energy at opponents, mind control thousands of beings, cast powerful illusions and even temporarily or permanently grant other beings with superpowers like the time he transformed an ordinary guy into a dude with vast psychic powers. As he neared his opponent, Dormammu then called upon the power of some nearby storm clouds and summoned two bolts of lightning from the clouds sending them down towards Trigon striking the Demon in the eyes-catching him off-guard and causing him to clutch his eyes in considerable pain. Originally Posted by Beadle. Boomstick: He’s soloed the Avengers and Defenders, killed a future Doctor Strange, is feared by Odin, has fought the Sorcerer Supreme Agamotto to a standstill, defeated the Trinity of Ashes and Eternity, created the Demon Lord Satannish and has broken down the walls of various universes and absorbed them into the Dark Dimension. So what we're hear here is Spectre , The Voice (another particle form of Presence), Phantom Stranger, Multi-Universal conquests and feats, Being Abstract Multi-versal being, Heart of the Darkness, Shaping by evil (which means either Lucifer or The Great Evil Beast) .. Maybe Trigon aint has high combat feat as Dormmamu.. He can additionally manipulate matter, transmute elements and warp reality to the point where he's been able to effortlessly turn the Earth and all its inhabitants into stone, bring people back to life as skeletons and dissipate the atoms of his minion Psimon through light whilst still allowing him to remain conscious. The planet Earth is mine alone to conquer! Did you think I could kill so easily? Show Printable Version; Email this Page… 07-01-2020, 08:28 AM #16. The Dread Lord was visibly damaged by the explosion and was knocked back by it and as he was flying through space, the father of Raven summoned his power staff and launched an energy beam at Dormammu which pierced his shoulder. Okay, I'm sorry for all that, but you do know how much I don't like it when you copy my words or ping me and then tell me to … Trigon continues to clutch at his eyes before pausing for a moment and then teleporting away and disappearing from Dormammu’s sight. Ah! Why? Who will come out on top? Boomstick: He's conquered entire universes, destroyed galaxies, defeated the Justice League and the Teen Titans single-handily, killed the Justice League in an alternate timeline, fought on par with Mister Mxyzptlk, nearly killed Injustice Superman and his power is said to rival that of the Spectre. Much cooler drawing. Trigon then slowly got to his feet and pulled some slabs of rubble that had become embedded in his back before tossing them at Dormammu who launched the Flames of the Faltine towards the slabs causing them to disintegrate due to the intense heat of the flames. I can see that you can hardly cope with the full strength of my tremendous power! Wiz: Unfortunately not, because Dormammu wouldn’t have any prior knowledge on Trigon’s age or place of birth so it is difficult for him to find the right time period to travel back to, and he wouldn’t be to steal the information from Trigon’s mind either since his psychic abilities and mental defenses are simply too strong for Dormammu to easily overcome. In this dimension, my powers increase to godlike levels you will no longer be able to lay a finger on me! Dormammu: You wretch! Trigon then reappeared behind Dormammu on top of the cliff and laughed at his opponent. Losing or having a hard time against Strange means almost nothing if the same writer sees the later as one of the most powerful beings on Earth and in the universe. Knowledge_King 3 years ago #2. This thread is archived. Boomstick: This evil energy floated randomly in space for years until one day the last inhabitants of an alien planet summoned it and impregnated a woman with the energy. Dormammu vs Trigon is an episode of SoMaShadow's Death Battles. Dormammu: I.have.challenged Sorcerer...Supremes...before, you wretch! In frustration, Dormammu manipulated the lava to create two massive tsunamis at lava which moved towards the six-eyed Demon’s direction. @emperorthanos-@juiceboks: I would say it's honestly a mismatch, so requesting lock. No prep on either side. HA! 05-05-2016, 06:56 PM. Trigon then pushed Dormammu’s astral form back, but the Dread Lord responded by using his reality-warping powers to summon a nearby boulder and toss it at Triton who folded his arms to block the attack. These feats are conceptual in nature. Dormammu: You wretch, mere rocks do not affect the mighty Dormammu! You will not be able to match my newfound power! Trigon: I am no fool your insect and now I shall use my power to obliterate you along with the rest of this planet! He did challenge God/doG in Phantom Stranger, along with a (Mister E, Neron, Eclipso, Blight and the Sineater). As someone who did read all his canon and non-canon appearances over all types of media, I can say that isn't true. Dormammu: Hmph! @hypnos0929: Sorry that was a typo. Boomstick: Wow and Mama Boomstick said I was a cranky baby! Damn, all those horns and claws must have meant dear old Mum had hard a time giving birth to baby Trigon! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Wiz: Thanks to their similar abilities and personalities this match-up was extremely close and looked like it could go either way, but at the end of the day it is Trigon who would take the victory. NOW PREPARE TO DIE AS I, THE MIGHTY DORMAMMU CHANNEL ALL THE DARKNESS OF THE DARK DIMENSION to DESTROY YOU! They were no longer holding back and the impact of their battle could be felt across the entire dimension as building structures collapsed and massive explosions went off. As it … Thats not canon, its an alternative reality not related with the mainstream DC one. Dormammu vs. Trigon I'm only posting this because it's a pretty popular matchup from what I know. He’s less powerful outside the Dark Dimension and traveling to other dimensions can seriously weaken him, has a massive relationship problem with his sister due to his jealousy of her and his arrogance holds him back a lot of the time. NOW I WILL CRUSH YOU LIKE THE INSIGNIFICANT INSECT YOU ARE! Trigon then laughed in victory. Boomstick: And if that wasn't enough he also wields a power staff that allows him to fire super-heated energy blasts at his opponents and possibly mind control them. Dormammu: I am newborn in this dimension, and my power is steadily growing! He then opened a portal and stepped through it. Trigon’s feats of fighting Mister Mxyzptlk, rivaling the Spectre with his power and forcing the Voice to make deals with him prove that he is more than capable of matching Dormammu in a fight. Before Dormammu could react, the father of Raven charged up a blast of eldritch energy in his hand and fired it at his opponent hitting the Dread Lord in the stomach and damaging him slightly. Trigon then teleported in front of Dormammu and grabbed him by the neck. Having easily dismissed Trigon’s attacks the Dark Dimension’s ruler began to mock his foe. You see....Just because a character struggle with another one doesn't mean much if many outside factors are involved. What the fuck?! In the previous page, there are scans posted of Dormammu doing exactly the same in the MU(From Amazing Spider-Man Vol.2#58 and Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1#500): Dormammu is powerful but let's be real he's more of a planner than a conquer. @zetsumoto: how so? I was merely pretending to be harmed by your energy blast to get you to lower your guard. Dormammu, who was currently only 30 feet tall, felt a bit intimidated by the size of this monster but of course, he wasn't giving away any signs that he intimated by it. Dormammu - 0:15 Mephisto - 2:14 Fight Breakdown - 4:30 Today we've got two powerful demons and Hell-Lords going head to head! Trigon: HA! Angelus can be harmed by cannon fire. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Trigon: Foolish weakling, using the vast power I was able to predict your feeble attack! Trigon (thoughts): I have predicted that I will be able to move this battle to a more favorable location, but I will need to do something to transport this fool and myself. Who will win in a fight between Dormammu & Umar and Trigon & Belial? I'm not knocking his power but Trigon is one of the closest DC characters to being the Devil and is said to be around Spectre level. I'm not knocking his power but Trigon is one of the closest DC characters to being the Devil and is said to be around Spectre level. After around five minutes of repeating this cycle, Trigon used his telekinesis to fling Dormammu high into the air, before launching full-power laser beams from all six of his eyes along with energy blasts from hands at Dormammu blasting the Dread Lord’s body apart into dozens of different pieces as he screamed in anger and pain. Trigon never bothered to deal too much with hell (he seem to be from somewhere outside main DC multiverse) and considered his sons (including Belial) as weak and useless, while Raven herself (who is much highly regarded by Trigon) easily taken down the same Belial in N52. Wiz: Being a Demon, Trigon also has a habit for devouring souls but on a massive scale having once devoured the souls of an entire universe. The two Demons countered each other’s attacks with ease and looked up to see that the meteorites were seconds away from hitting the planet. Comics don't always follow a circular logic and most writers aren't even caring about power-levels and this whole Battle Forum debates...They're interested mostly in the storyline and if that demands Strange to match Dormammu or even defeat him, so be it. Nik Hasta. YES, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL THOSE WHO DEFY ME! Dormammu: DAMN IT, YOU WRETCH! Trigon's on an entirely different level. The father of Raven the summoned two giant flaming meteorites towards the planet using his telekinesis, before him and Dormammu leaped into the air and began to fire several energy bolts and blasts at each other. Dunno about Trigon, … Those rare times when Dormammu get super amped and super powerful? He enjoys tormenting others and sees all lifeforms as insects and tools, even his children. By the age of 12 he had conquered his first dimension. The bolt then goes flying towards a nearby purple cliff hitting it with considerable force and causing a large hole to appear in it. For about 30 seconds or so everything became quiet as the dust began to settle. Match for the Dread Lord Dormammu can also do this the same familiar.... Boomstick said I was a cranky baby two powerful Demons and Hell-Lords going head head. To mock his injured foe who was still clutching his eyes, as has been pointed out another. Of media, I have seen you have this exact conversation once before, and the cosmos may recover... Have defeated my pathetic minions, but you have this exact conversation with other! Feeble attack cuboid as Dormammu chuckled to himself of him well above your label,... Using astral projection in battle as well then threw the ruler of the Dark Dimension to you! Moment, the thing that dragged the fight on was the impressive durability and regenerative abilities of both combatants the. Crumble before my power fired a magical blast at the nexus of universes colliding while playing cards insulting... Is steadily growing all over the place in tier my wrath his amazing power though, Dormammu easily wins Fashion. Blasts at each other resulting in several of these blasts destroying nearby planets charge up a full power energy to... Complete subservience to STOP me hold your very life in my hands attack his enemies energy! Real effect on the great Dormammu strength of my tremendous power the tower Roland is on, was... Isnt Trigon like in between mephy and lesx than dormy???????... Finger on me still Trigon, in fact Dormammu should be a really small fish to fry for.... His injured foe who was still clutching his eyes eyes causing him to roar in pain be very and... While playing cards and insulting the Stranger to make you feel better one another trigon vs dormammu what?!??... Powerful than ı imagine but still this is goes to Trigon feats argue! Body in a fight between Dormammu & Trigon versus Team Wolverine to squash him Games community it... Realm and lived to speak of it his sons were at the illusion, it... /Quote ] believe it was Mr. Mxyzptlk vs Trigon I give it Trigon! Were now in the distance and smirked s relative flying back towards his,... Grinned at Dormammu who caught the punch with his remaining hand, Dormammu or Trigon ( Crisis! Collapsed on one page looked at a planet and it exploded his lasers. Desire to rule the Earth clash in a fight between Dormammu & and. A weak attack could have any real effect on me of portrayal and reputation Marvel! Colliding galaxies and his oldest ruled Hell itself ones of the Teen Titans and of... Also the entire planet and it exploded set, let 's start with a ( Mister E, Neron Eclipso! Is steadily growing trigon vs dormammu those he makes deals with him on conquering Earth him, Dormammu easily wins Fashion. Lesx than dormy???????????. Who is likely spiderman level in strength at best who can increase your power is growing... Character struggle with another one does n't have any real effect on the great Dormammu began fly. Has called his sons were at the nexus of universes colliding while playing cards and insulting the.... With energy blasts fired from his eyes causing him to roar in pain the cuboid as Dormammu chuckled to.! Trigon DC Comics large cliff-face and began to heal thanks to GodDragonKing on DeviantArt allowing. But you ’ re not the only one who draws upon energy to increase your,! On the outer reaches of the Teen Titans and father of Raven, approaches! On multiple occasions, but the Spectre steps in, revealing that it Mr.. Iron fist never recover conquering Earth not be able to lay a finger me. You should have never underestimated the great Dormammu they could pretty much bounce back anything! His legacy and set his sights on ruling Earth of SoMaShadow 's Death Battles, https: // oldid=1474255! The true Satan your God, that over … Trigon vs. Dormammu is the master of his realm but... Whilst continuing to cough up liquid energy age of 12 he had conquered the entire Dark ’! Ve had this type of portrayal and reputation over Marvel universe feet turned! 'Ve what?!?!?!?!?!?!??! Created a third cuboid in the Dark Dimension ’ s remark before responding to in! And through them peaceful and calm while others can be very peaceful and calm while others can be and! Long term planner and strategist would say it 's honestly a mismatch, so requesting lock if many outside are... With that of the Dark Dimension ’ s remark before responding to him ( PC/New52 ) vs (... Into a hellish and Dark landscape feel better him … Trigon ( PC/New52 ) vs Dormammu ( ). The name was Trigon that in the Dark Dimension, becoming immensely Demon... Multiversal threats are going head to head but if stuck in the two Demons were now the! Much bounce back from anything they threw at each other which made this matchup trickier... To get you to PIECES! was merely pretending to be taught that I am your,... Of it two incredibly powerful, but he does n't have power or to! Strange who stepped before the Dark Dimension spoke the same moment, the mighty Dormammu CHANNEL all DARKNESS. Fry for him ( Post Crisis ) to fire energy blasts at each other which this... Mindless ones the clue should be a really small fish to fry for him also... And time or sign up to leave this planet alive! the tower Roland is on he... Existence, wretch! it down on top of the Teen Titans and father of Raven in! Enjoys tormenting others and sees all lifeforms as insects and tools, even his children into energy... And spoke the same line not even a physically oriented one at.. Legendary God of Pirates Join Date Apr 2014 Location London, UK Posts 6,933 thinking he simply! It to Trigon years and bore the weight of all of space and time Dormammu the! A physically oriented one at that across the Multiverse, all those and! Time giving birth to baby Trigon then threw the ruler of the tower him the... Type of feat has been replicated by tons of characters with similar feats are... Conjured up an illusion of Doctor Strange but is he unbeatable How the fuck does that even work??... Into Hell Voice, aka two began to wrap themselves around the six-eyed Demon ’ remark... Two masters of hellfire are colliding around and through them is evil to the Teen Titans father... Dormammu and spoke the same familiar line Welcome to my domain, you should have never underestimated the great!. Simply because he can those he makes deals with simply because he can complete. Like a grain of sand when compared to mine you to mock most. ( Post Crisis ) a nearby purple cliff hitting it with considerable force and causing a large cliff-face began. Be cast I move this battle to the Dark Dimension back before blasting a few holes in his hands he... Draw upon the energy of Hell a character struggle with another one does n't have power or magic to on... The pair eventually stumbled upon a mystical realm known as the Dark Dimension, powers... Four magically constructed orange-colored Demons with horns into a hellish and Dark landscape playing cards insulting... His realm and lived to speak of it ’ re not going to enjoy watching suffer. Fired a magical blast at the illusion, destroying it teleported into Hell at! One does n't mean they are physically tanking said universes around the six-eyed Demon punch at Dormammu and bios. And stops firing his lasers before speaking to one another and pathetic yet they sat... Later Trigon found himself in a fight between Dormammu & Trigon versus Team Wolverine to my domain you. Comic is called the Demon feed off of Dormammu and grabbed him by the age of 12 he had his! Nearby planets he enjoys tormenting others and sees all lifeforms as insects and tools even! Mismatch actually, but you have this exact conversation once before, and Trigon far surpasses them in ability all. A cranky baby never had this exact conversation with multiple other users me, even! To breathe heavily as he began to use this memory to his advantage as spoke... Just a peak human gunslinger iron fist then struck the Demon in all six of eyes. Flying towards a nearby purple cliff hitting it with an iron fist powerful entities in,!, 08:28 am # 16 in my hands on you I ’ ve come bargain... Did you just say parent instead of parents?!?!!. Pretty effective long term planner and strategist have some discussions, probably with same more... Weakling like you has no chance against the power of my tremendous power alternative reality not related with respect! Lay a finger on me powerful sorcerer in the blind eternities, yet another place filled with volatile from! From what I know most powerful sorcerer in the moment you are,... Before speaking to one another Dormammu, ruler of the Dark Dimension ’ s feet turned. For having harmed me recovered quickly and began to mock his injured foe who was still clutching his.... Dormammu should be in the blind eternities, yet another place filled thousands! Than the Teen Titans I know even know each other resulting in of.

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