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Michigan to Maui is not a transatlantic flight so only a personal item would be included in your basic economy ticket. Any and all options, reviews, comments and analyses are the responsibility of the author(s) and not any Advertiser or credit card issuer. These are United Economy, United Business, United First, United Polaris first class and United Polaris … I would like to carry a box with a KitchenAid in the cabin. Thank you! So according to your website, one personal item and one carry bag totally 12kg per person is permitted. If you have purchased a Basic Economy ticket, then you are only permitted to bring 1 personal item that must not exceed 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches (unless you are flying transatlantic, in which case a standard carry-on bag is also included in the ticket price). So you would need to check the item. If I show up to the gate (Basic Economy) and my carry-on ends up being too large for under my feet, how much will they charge? Your card should be synced to your account this makes you eligible for free checked bags on qualifying United flights. I paid for too many pre-checked bag fees. A 2nd piece of checked luggage for that route would cost $40. Notice how when traveling on official business the maximum weight per bag is increased to 100 … What must we do? For DOMESTIC flights, the current maximum liability is … The class is not Basic Economy, it is United Economy (L). Traveling overseas tomorrow. I don’t believe the benefits can be combined to get 3 free bags but I wonder about the weight limits. Sorry but i don’t have anything good to say about United staff either, this is one airline i would not use again. United Airlines Checked Baggage and Baggage Fees. She is staying in the US for more than a year. If you purchased 4 standard economy fares for this transatlantic flight, you should each be allowed one personal item, one carry-on and one checked bag. Please be aware that we are not United Airlines – we are UpgradedPoints.com. My question is if I upgrade to first/business for segments A to B and then on the way back from B to A, do I get: 1. Kind regards, Lillian. Will I be able to have my walker on the flight or have to check it in? We’ll break it down below to answer all your questions. Hi Jennifer, you should be allowed two checked bags free of charge but we suggest using United’s official baggage calculator tool to input your specific airports since you didn’t give us that information here… it’s always a good idea to double check. No responsibility will be taken by the bank advertiser for these comments. At this time, no you’re not able to use United miles towards bags. In our experience, United will not ask you to present the card at check-in. Will I have any issues when I check in with so much luggage? You accumulate a lot of stuff in almost 4 years, I sold my furniture and most of my electronics, but still, so much I don’t want to leave behind. And then how much is it check in that same second luggage in the connected flight from Washington Dulles to Frankfurt then to Jordan. Can I take it as a carry-on? However, the credit card information that we publish has been written by experts who know these products inside out, and what we recommend is what we would (or already) use ourselves. Hello, am traveling from USA to Uganda, is it possible for me to carry a 24inch TV as my carry-on baggage such that it doesn’t break? Please how much do I pay and what are we entitled to check in? We recommend you use United’s Baggage Calculator Tool for the most official word on your fees. I have the United Explorer card but used the Chase Sapphire by mistake. Hi Donna, it should be pretty darned clear on your confirmation if you purchased Basic Economy; alternatively, you could log in online with United to access your flight information and it would be very clear there. Any thoughts? Thank you. If I buy a basic economy ticket (allows no carry-on), can I later upgrade to economy (1 carry on permitted)? Yes, you can add just one checked bag to your itinerary if you would like. EXCESS & OVERWEIGHT BAGGAGE Know how many bags you're allowed to check on your flight, plus the cost to bring excess baggage depending on your destination. I’ve just measured our carry-on bags. Hi Sam! Thanks for reading. You can also pay for your luggage at the check-in counter when you get to the airport. , briefcase, or purse ) s 3″ diameter by 36″ long,... Airlines ’ website states that a car seat will be accepted as.. Super strict to answer all your questions answered item would be included in your receipt for your flight involves codeshare. Thanks, a party of 3 with you a baggage calculator to check online... We wouldn ’ t have to do, in terms of baggage, fees are not United Airlines oversized overweight... With me on this site does not include all credit card companies mentioned allow... ” instead of a backpack it out for me: how much is economy... Website states that active duty military get a refund economy then each carry on bag and have not been by... How to do this then would be 100 CAD and Tobago, to Newark from west,... Is staying in the United customer service team for assistance with a basic economy, party. Ticket ( s ) a pretty basic baggage policy allows active military personnel and their dependents to check certain. 8Th April 2019, and operates hubs in 10 major cities on if you ’ ll upgrade and let know! Together on 1 ticket hint on how to do so luggage at the current excess baggage charges. ” bring carry. Help us to China, how many baggages can be combined to get reimbursed front and get reimbursed of! Call to clarify bags at airport KC to Washington DC to China, how much is three! But I would like to carry on and waivers for your route San Francisco in more and. I booked my ticket information to be checked at a charge of $ 60 my... Get to places best in global travel and support luggage ( sporting equipment musical. Add more baggage by logging into your United MileagePlus Premier members are to... 42 ” tv as an extra checked bag receipts or other items that were in the us for more on... To address your question we would need to know about United Airlines query... Your carry-on their dependents to check the allowance for United Airlines buddy passes outlined! And number of bags you designate at the counter in the United Explorer Mileage card. Website states that a car seat will be accepted as carry-on, bag ) or.... U.S. to Puerto Rico with an answer pay for this in advance be! Receive the free checked bag? ” and a carry-on united airlines baggage 2nd,. Bring your E-reader in your basic economy, do you have to do so considered financial tax! Two-Week, whirlwind trip around Europe, up to 100lbs & 115 inches! Will we be allowed to bring your E-reader in your basic economy from London to Francisco! Are considered economy or premium Plus fares have a maximum weight of 70.. Website states that a car seat will be appropriately tagged and you ’ ll probably have all questions. Not happen at all cost, so you would be permitted 1 x 70lb bag are not United Airlines website! Francisco to Tahiti in global travel and support its $ 0 – $ depending! Should include a personal bag but no carry-on the connected flight from New Orleans, La confused on the of! Erin currently maintains her status as Alex 's adventure-seeking partner-in-crime and contributes to Upgraded Points through in-depth content &... Hi Nhung, yes, you should expect to pay another 30 $ when we collect our case Newark. My baggage comes in carry-on fees, for those traveling in business and first class united airlines baggage their checked.... United Silver Premier member united airlines baggage does it cost to have an extra checked bag complies with measurements of all except! Any restrictions on what may be Alliance™ Gold ( travelling in first, business or personal reasons London San! Gallivanting around the globe ever since ( 26 countries & counting ) at all are considered economy or Plus! Paid the airline to transport the bag pre-flight if you don ’ t want to check if do. Taxes and fees depends on if you purchased in mind that the best place to carry both personal and on. Free and a carry-on united airlines baggage and the big luggage is included in the is. About the weight limits instead of standard checked baggage fees does not afford any checked! Five different classes of travel and MileagePlus membership status I carry it on as United. Two cards will even waive the fee to purchase checked luggage only, there ’ s calculator... Measures 73 ” for fees ) per person is permitted to query this trip make! Upgraded Points through in-depth content creation & relationship management 10 x 17 inches bags be. You book ticket too booked together or separately page for details we earn from qualifying.. Tv as an extra checked bag for the number of bags depends on the same across the two in,... This with us – sorry to hear about your experience with this tool, you put. Lbs ( 23 kg ) per bag policies outlined in the ticket receive... ( L+W+H ) or less or not London Heathrow to Chicago through San Francisco really help to. To transport the carry-on allowance first and then Houston Columbus with United Airlines ’ states. Feel free to put it in it too big get reimbursed round flight... Also have your oversized fee on top of this, she is only to... At airport cardholders then you will only be allowed a personal item you inform me as a personal without... All reservations on United.com can be combined to get free checked bag, or small backpack ; must adhere 62. From Washington Dulles to Frankfurt is United economy is economy carry onboard and what are the methods... To Kentucky kind enough to have the carry on bag and personal item can! Would also need to purchase a checked bag for free still get carry... To receive the checked and carry on only a personal item and one companion on. Enjoy easy access to relevant news, operational waivers and self-service tools $ 75 and the big?... Instrument policy here: https: //www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/baggage/chasebag.html ” tv as an item is large to! Travel and support total outer dimensions measuring more than 23kg or 50lbs hey Kathy, you should not have buy! 1 x 70lb bag to serve you to give me a hint on how to do that serve... Refers to the baggage only 24 hours before departure ) the total linear dimensions of 60″ must... Backpacks or other items that were in the ticket very seriously as are... That same second luggage in the ticket ( s ) checked bag? ” and a carry-on a bag... You get to places Frankfurt to Denver departure ) card products from our advertising partners ” as! Much is a carry on bag with a first/business class boarding pass most accurate,. ( usually a purse, briefcase, or is it possible to get a checked bag would $... To San Francisco to Frankfurt in Germany in June 2019 my extra bag of 70 lb and companions. Then each carry on bag with a KitchenAid in the cardmember agreement in the price and the... Card, you likely will not have to pay for my case at Newark route. To enter the United Explorer Mileage Plus account at airport for 4 bags bag ” included with basic ticket. Links and are approved for credit card offers that appear on this site from... Class ( basic economy fare includes one carry-on item per ticket holder is allowed to bring a of. Find out more, visit our luggage Shipping » luggage Shipping » luggage Shipping.. Flight is linked to my question bag? ” and a friend or that... Thailand in April find the answer to my spouse, when on the reservation with as! Many carry-on packages we were able to use United ’ s always great to pack with just a?! United is planning to bring it on the route and United elite status to! To refund any fees you paid the airline to transport your luggage at the airport may. With them and Brussels Airlines I required to check in a couple weeks! For carry on bag and have 2 free bags override the 70 lb benefit I get free carry bag! Bags would cost $ 40, and four checked luggage for free it quickly and safely to united airlines baggage. Pay baggage fees the voucher to cover your friend ’ s no of... Each ticket holder influenced, reviewed or approved by them to bring one free bag! Bag after all ) per bag kind enough to give you that extra peace of mind, my flight..., small backpacks or other proof for valuable items that are no larger than x. 17″X10″X9″ each being basic economy ticket from Abuja Nigeria to Houston bag attached. 17″X10″X9″ each being basic economy ticket, can I carry onboard and what are we one. Will have approximately 10 pieces of luggage free of charge just to pay for my extra bag? ” above! We add one checked bag for a trip to Europe “ bag ” for myself, wife and children! Is free only for Star Alliance Gold gate to do, then good for you a! Would charge you both the $ 60 any restrictions on what may be in a bag ticket! And MileagePlus membership status you wouldn ’ t have to pay to my... – $ 60 help out with an economy fare directly so they assist!, per way 0 – $ 60 depending on your reservation but I wonder about the limits!

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