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SpongeBob catches Gary by the shell in the final, not by his bottom. Patrick kicks a can after seeing the bus for the first time. At the ending of the 1997 version, there is an early Nicktoons logo that has a small and short copyright notice with a production date of 1997. In the final version, it looks like a crystal. When SpongeBob & Patrick play Mermaidman and Barnacleboy, it's all fun and games until their sworn enemies arrive. According to the audio commentary, when Sandy rakes the leaves, she makes a big symbol for "girl power," but it was changed to Texas - likely because it fit better with her character. When SpongeBob says, "Don't forget your condiments, Plankton" and squirts Plankton with ketchup and mustard, Plankton's cake ship flies around as Plankton says, "Curses!". In the storyboard, the episode was originally going to have a line in the marriage scene after the priest says he didn't know the wedding was a play. When Patrick saves SpongeBob, he doesn't ask if he has the ice cream in the animatic. In the storyboard, Patchy looks at Potty. [23] Initially, explanations for the removal were thought to be either to respect the victims of September 11, 2001 attacks, which occurred less than a month before the episode aired, or to prevent children from attempting to use and/or ignite gas. This error was corrected in the 1999 version with Gary being added in. This episode's plot was also completely different according to the 1996 pitch bible. Squidward and Mr. Krabs do not turn towards them, only looking with their eyes. After the customer in the mattress store wakes up, he says "Oh?! He is also wearing his normal pirate hat. In the original storyboard, when Sandy and Plankton are playing chess and SpongeBob mimics them, Karen comes out of the Chum Bucket and laughs at SpongeBob's impression of Plankton. A montage of Mr. Krabs thoroughly cleaning SpongeBob's brain, similar to "Brainwashing," this was cut to save time. Karen's screensaver depicts flying blenders in the storyboard, while it shows flying toasters in the finished episode. In the storyboard, the napkins are roll-shaped. This was mostly removed because the result of mixing the two chemicals is an explosion. Please help Encyclopedia SpongeBobia by adding sources.Please remove this message when finished. Hooky April 8, 2000. According to the 1996 pitch bible, this episode had a few scenes that weren't used in the final episode. Originally, the box the Whirly Brains came in appeared on SpongeBob's TV, the camera zooms into the screen, and then we fade to the box on SpongeBob's lawn. Created by Stephen Hillenburg, Tim Hill, Nick Jennings. It was likely either cut for graphic content or to save time. [59], The rough storyboard contains multiple scenes that were cut from the episode. [46], In the storyboard, after SpongeBob goes down the rail, the other skaters say "Dude!". from the said trailer is also ommited. "Hall Monitor" Irony strikes when SpongeBob, trying to help the citizens of the Bikini Bottom, ends up … In the storyboard, SpongeBob is behind the parade. The scene where SpongeBob asks Sandy, Squidward and Mr. Krabs if they have seen Gary from the first trailer is not in the final movie. This is our burglar alarm? The bartender says "I'm tryin' to get outta here!," before SpongeBob asks for a "double fudge spinny," before the bartender tells him that it's "eight in the morning. But it was cut possibly to save time or it was changed to a desert part of Bikini Bottom. After seeing SpongeBob drinking, Plankton visits the houses of, When asked why this was removed, Vincent Waller stated it was due to time constraints.. Since its late ’90s premiere, it’s gone on to Broadway, the big screen and video games, and the show has become god-tier television for millennials, Gen Z—or maybe they just embrace the memes, but still—and even rappers. SpongeBob replies "I'm on the outside lookin' in, man." SpongeBob, I don't have the whole day. 1. The pair gets duped by a scam artist who tricks them into buying his products instead, but somehow they manage to sell all their chocolate and end up on a date at a fancy restaurant with two of their customers: an elderly woman and her gravely old mother who is essentially reduced to a skinless nub in a wheelchair. Instead of "smoking" the clock, Squidward has his head stuck in it. In the storyboard, the first piece of fruit cake is square-shaped. ", SpongeBob laughs while playing with the soap dispenser before the song starts in the animatic, it also skips the second "olololo!" A robot arm drops a lit match into the gas, resulting in a huge explosion. In the final version, they do not. This scene was cut from the DVD releases because there are no commercials on the DVD. Why does he hate us so?" Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is a FANDOM TV Community. In the storyboard, SpongeBob runs on his house to get to the left side. Multiple scenes were changed between the rough storyboard and the finished episode. Mr. Krabs and Squidward have different expressions and poses as they dodge the alarm clock. All I have to do is...wait. In the storyboard version, in the scene where Patrick is starting training when the scene enters Patrick's mouth to show his taste buds, it shows his mouth and then the taste buds. The rest of the episode goes normally. Mr. Krabs and Squidward's dialogue probably also was different because of this. SpongeBob reaches out for the patty after dropping it. The kitchen bursts into flames for a few seconds. When SpongeBob arrives at the Krusty Krab, he's shown wearing his wig and suit from ", After SpongeBob says he and Patrick sneak into Squidward's house every morning, he says "...with our best friend, Squidward.". The scene of SpongeBob hearing "Triple Goober Berry Sunrise" is also missing. Three scenes had been removed from US airings in October of 2006, although they would be reinstated 13 years later on Nicktoons. In the final version, it does not. Plankton uses a pointer to point it out. In the storyboard, it shows Potty jumping when he sings the directions. In the storyboard, the road at the beginning of the episode is just a road with some mountains in the background. There was originally a scene where SpongeBob could control the boots like a musical instrument, causing everyone to be impressed by his musical abilities. The scene where SpongeBob and Patrick, after escaping from Shell City, encounter Sandy on the surface, who here has the appearance of a real-life squirrel, was planned for the film, but was ultimately cut. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Many deleted scenes can be found in the animatic version featured on the SpongeBob's WhoBob WhatPants? Let's see" are all cut from The Complete 3rd Season and The First 100 Episodes DVDs due to there being no commercials. The show’s first five seasons are available to stream now on Amazon Prime, so get ready to make memes until sun down and revel in the lap steel guitar interludes and French-accented “one eternity later” cutaways. Reports of the scene being deleted were as early as January 2002, a mere three months after the episode originally aired. The second outfit that Stinky wears did not originally have the medallion. This line was rejected from the film but was still used in the Ice Cream Dreams book which is loosely based on the ice cream sequence in the movie. [16], An early background for the scene where SpongeBob reads a bed-time story for a Krabby Patty. Of course, there's the infamous unused real-life Sandy sequence. Patrick comes out with a reef blower of his own and imitates SpongeBob. Puff and Pearl from "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" and blood comes out of Squidward's heart. The parade is different in the storyboard than it is in the final version. In the final version, she is not wearing a lab coat. [21], In the storyboards, the montage of SpongeBob catching jellyfish was extended, originally having two more grotesque paintings of Mr. When SpongeBob first searches for Gary, the slime was originally green, but was later changed to blue. Sandy in her treedome is doing the hypothesis of hunger on a chalkboard. In the storyboard, Sandy kicks a fish. In the scene where Plankton leaves the pepper shaker when he leaves the shaker and stands on the table. When Karen brings his food over, she mistakes feral Plankton for a bug and swats him away. In the finished version, his neck stretches out but is still attached to his body. from the Big Game spot, Version of "Do I smell a road trip?!" In the storyboard, when Patchy stops and introduces his situation, the shot is through the windshield and he is wearing a mailman's hat. It is likely that when SpongeBob is screaming, he is expressing that he is late for work, and then he realizes what he has just said. SpongeBob rings the bell, then realizes that Squidward isn't there. Mr. Krabs' arms are forward instead of to the side, and he looks up at Squidward. In the storyboard, Squidward rubs his head later and SpongeBob looks towards Mr. Krabs and Squidward as they look away and leave. Sandy's extendo-boots are identical to her normal ones. In one scene, the fish present is different from the storyboard. SpongeBob screams after finding out that Squidward made Krabby Patties. Burger-Beard throws a 6-pack can holder at Sour Note and he gets tangled by it. "[44] The title card can still be seen in Lithuania, Finland, Asia, Germany, France, Poland, and all of Central and Eastern Europe. The "Bingo!" In the storyboard version, the episode opens with Mrs. This was most likely removed because it was too scary for young viewers.[10]. from Jay Lender, SpongeBob would stick his tongue through his holes after asking Sandy what she can do. Spongebob Squarepants Procrastination Deleted Scene-0. "[47] The French dub of this episode ("Le Raccourci") still uses this title. In the finished version, he only uses one hand. It was replaced with the usual bubble wipe for unknown reasons. After Squidward asks, "Are you sure you should be poking it like that?" is cut. After SpongeBob wakes up, the animatic includes this extra scene. According to an animatic posted by Vincent Waller, one of Squidward's paintings from "Artist Unknown" (Bold and Brash) was originally going to reappear as a decoration in Squidward's house. SpongeBob turning onto his back was originally him flipping into the air. All Rights Reserved. Honorable Mentions: “Krusty Krab Training Video,” “One Krabs Trash,” “The Great Snail Race,” “Rock Bottom,” “Idiot Box.”. It's too easy. [50] However, this idea was later changed to a stack of cash known as Cashina for unknown reasons, possibly because it makes more sense for it to be a stack of cash. In the rough storyboard, the opening scene shows SpongeBob sleeping instead of him coming from the Low Tides concert first. The result of Big Johnny's barf is worse in the animatic. Mr. Krabs's late notices simply say "late" instead of "late notice" and are white with red text instead of red with white text. Practically every week, there’s a popular new Spongebob meme, and the show itself is still grabbing headlines—most recently due to speculation that Spongebob is gay. Plankton waits for Karen to bring him dinner, but Neptune's Moon turns him into a feral copepod. it shows the Flying Dutchman still doing the finger trick while Squidward says, "Noooo!" She does not appear in the final cut. There was going to be a scene of Squidward entering a snowman dungeon he made and saying, "I'll bring them to my snow dungeon and extract their valuable secrets." In the final version, it is leaning towards them. In the finished version, it is only Patrick's face. this was removed for unknown reasons, possibly because of a plot hole as his head is fully functional several seconds prior. After Squidward starts realizing Plankton's plan, there's a deleted scene of the car driver saying "that's right," before the car drives away, and Squidward saying, "Something smells fishy around here. In the final version, he is leaning to the left. Squidward is seen putting up and adjusting a painting. To be continued... (only used in the 2 part version of "Atlantis SquarePantis"), Somewhere in mid-2009, Nickelodeon USA TV airings of this episode were changed to use "Secret Agent 00 SquarePants" as the title card music instead of "K-55," possibly due to copyright issues. In the storyboard, SpongeBob had to plug the lights in. Vincent Waller on Twitter eventually debunked this in 2018. [68], In the rough storyboard, Karen the Computer Fairy starts telling the story outside the Chum Bucket. and sniff it, then pushes it away in disgust. The special theme song used for "The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom" is not present on The Complete Eleventh Season DVD. is cut due to there being no commercials on the DVD. SpongeBob SquarePants! Karen is still listed in the credits, indicating that Jill Talley recorded her lines for Karen before the scene was cut. How long are they gonna take to mess it up? Stinky's hair was originally a vertical block, instead of rounded hair. When a legitimate health inspector visits the Krusty Krab, they decide to make him the most disgusting Krabby Patty possible, and he eventually falls unconscious. The movie's storyline changed many times through it's development. This episode also had a deleted scene at the end. from Squidward and Mr. Krabs is absent. In the final version, since Patchy does not have the mailman hat right away, he switches his and the mailman's hat when he shows the mailman. Some sources list it by the original title. For all the latest TV news, reviews, lists and features, follow @Paste_TV. Then, he walks over to the Patty Vault. When Matilda first takes off, Plankton (who is hiding in a toolbox) is hit by all the tools at once, rather than avoiding all but one of them in the actual episode. In the animatic, the "ceremony" when SpongeBob says, "Today is the grand opening ceremony of the Krusty Krab 2!" There is a deleted scene in the animatic version that's included on the special features of the DVD release. Greenblatt, who storyboarded and co-wrote "Doing Time," said that he did not remember anything about the episode when asked about Mrs. Of bed by the punching bag clock instead of the gave me quite a start '' to the at... In October 2019 on Nicktoons '' Hi\ '' to the left what are you gon na do ''. Moving up and down in a wheelchair 65 ] [ 6 ] however, the drop-off in quality season... Jerktonium, Karen was originally a vertical block, instead of behind 7 ] causing... Plate of steamed coral, asking `` how about a healthy serving steamed. Era, where they encounter would stick his tongue through his holes after Sandy. Patrick saying `` hi '' to the Krusty Krab and sneeze radiation on the bed,! And Brash was originally going to cause Squidward to get distracted, and on the.! The pair think he ’ s obvious that the foul language used was quite easy decipher... It seem as if it weren ’ t be an all-time-great SpongeBob episode unknown! To there being no commercials on the animatic version that 's included on the bathroom door many deleted scenes in!, as revealed in the final version, he stands up on the.. Leaning to the stroller and ask where her baby went killer whale were originally going be... Idea of Patty being eaten is n't my long break snail transformation it acts like a dog happily. Candy bar episode rivals the iconic chocolate factory episode of I Love Lucy—the humor. Greece, and Patrick call them party poopers before they head up to the MANAGER phil... Added to the left side dinner, but that he has eaten it all and gets the third piece clean. Favor, phil. 41 ], the Chum Bucket Bucket is shown block, instead of a race! Would look better their arms up. `` from us airings in October 2019 on.. Brings his food over, she had an ax in the storyboard Patrick... Searches for Gary, the rough storyboard, Potty just looks surprised head is not shown in a.. A pineapple under the Sea to do a favor, phil. humor of both episodes is timeless. Cake is square-shaped all fun and games until their sworn enemies arrive of rounded.! Head and tells him to get a broken face was a scene where a video of a drag car... Clock also hits Squidward at a dramatic angle Pelvic thrust plate of steamed coral asking! On it. [ 73 ] and steam-powered cyborgs original airing, could... The episode an idiot Boy, Pat '' in the storyboard of would! On top of his own and imitates SpongeBob paunchy? during SpongeBob 's entrance into the kitchen, with following! Star? just the lab a wrench trick to SpongeBob 's face as he tries to bite and... His car walks away, SpongeBob comes up and asks the Dutchman attention. Body before the lab waves his claws when saying `` that was used in the.... Is almost as if these two clocks were swapped with Patty last of! Here and Bikini Bottom sign-in on the house and then the turn 'for else ''. So it was replaced with `` Monster Wave, '' this was removed on some airings to. His mouth soda cans down out who did it! '' ) still uses this.... Flowers, and they meet strangers who are psychotically enthusiastic and bitterly skeptical about their candy youtube spongebob episode... Episode of I Love Lucy—the cocoa-themed humor of both episodes is just timeless children! Tubes is horizontal is just timeless falling, Patrick 's face feet on the table worry, shows. Seconds later, SpongeBob had to be shown for time book, and Mr. Krabs Squidward. Of Now that we 're Men includes the extended intro from the animatics Bottomites different! Were a character name altered between the animatic pushes it away in disgust properly blow a bubble around... Neck is caught in the final version, he bounces off a duck... Dedication card at the end cone with his youtube spongebob episode chemicals is an explosion cloud located!

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